How do people with eyeglasses (and who don't use ...

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When you’re trying to win on the field or court, it can be frustrating to have your glasses get in the way. But before putting your tennis racket into storage, know that you have options! It’s entirely possible to don corrective eyewear and still participate in your favorite sport.

Wearing your everyday glasses while playing high-impact sports can be a recipe for disaster. The main reason is that your lenses can easily fall off your face or break during a collision. When your glasses break, not only will your vision be impaired, but you could experience bodily harm from the broken lens.

Options for collision sports include:

  • Sleep vision correction. We can create a pair of custom-fit corneal reshaping lenses that correct your vision while you sleep in them! Yes, this means that you can be free to do your favorite activities without wearing daytime lenses.

  • Contact lenses. You can safely wear contact lenses in most games, and you won’t damage your eyes during a tackle. Though we can’t make the same promise for the rest of you! Make sure to consult with your doctor on the best brand for your eyesight and lifestyle.

  • Sport-specialty glasses. If contacts aren’t an option, consult your optometrist on frames and lenses designed for athletes. Some frames are impact resistant, feature rubber padding, or will fit neatly under a helmet. Polycarbonate lenses with a scratch-resistant coating are more durable, making them less likely to break and scratch. Since there is still a risk of injury, speak with your doctor. Together, you will determine if sport-specialty glasses are a good option for you.

  • Face Masks. While they may not work for every position in every sport, face masks can be an excellent choice for you.


For surfing, kayaking, or other water sports, you have a couple of choices for your vision correction. Correct your eyes while you sleep to be lens-free during the day! Option two is traditional contact lenses. If, however, contacts aren’t a good fit for you, consider prescription goggles!

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These plastic alternatives to glasses are made to fit snugly around your face so you won’t lose them. You may even find they give you an edge over the competition since you have sharp underwater vision.


If you’re considering whether or not it’s safe to wear your glasses for sports like tennis or golf, we suggest consulting your optometrist for advice. Sharper vision for these games will always improve your performance. If you can find an option that works for you, take advantage of it!

Remember, there is always a risk of being hit by a stray ball. Keeping that in mind, consult your doctor on the type of lenses, you should be wearing should they get broken during play.


  1. Make sure they fit correctly. If your glasses are continually falling from your face without playing sports, imagine what will happen when you start to sweat! Make sure your new athletic eyewear fits your face snuggly while remaining comfortable.

  2. Keep it light. The lighter the frames, the less you will notice them on your face. Plus, they will be less likely to slide down your nose.

  3. Keep your prescription up-to-date. To be as safe as possible, make sure that you’re seeing your best. Consult your doctor to see how often you should have an exam and stick to the schedule.

  4. Always remember to select sunglasses that provide both UVA and UVB protection!

The most important tip we can provide is to consult your optometrist at Complete Eye Care - Newcastle in Newcastle, Oklahoma, off of 32nd street. They can assist you in finding the right pair so that you can feel comfortable and have fun playing the sports you love. Call us to schedule your eye exam today or schedule online!

Go Newcastle Racers!

How do people with eyeglasses (and who don't use ...

Wearing Glasses During Contact Sports

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