What Is the Right Way to Wash My Wool Hats?

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Oct. 29, 2022




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In the harsh winter months, there is nothing like a wool cap to keep your head warm. Wool is a naturally insulating fiber that is much warmer than synthetic fibers like acrylic.

Unlike any other fiber, wool has excellent moisture-wicking properties that wick moisture away from your body and keep you dry, even when it's pouring or you're sweating too much.

The downside to wool is that they are a bit difficult to wash. When washing wool hats without knowing how to clean them, they can increase the risk of damage and shrinkage. Second, if stored improperly, you will notice shocking holes in your wool hat. That's from bug bites.

Accidental stains can turn into permanent stains if not treated immediately. If you are a daily wearer, please hand wash them at least once a week. Or, you can safely machine wash them two to three times a season according to our guidelines.

Notes before cleaning

1. Check the care label

Some hats can be hand washed; some allow machine washing and some prefer dry cleaning. Not all manufacturers use the same process to produce hats, even if they are all made of wool.

2. Avoid washing in hot water

Washing wool hats in high heat and hot water may cause them to shrink and wrinkle. If you want to sanitize your wool hat, immerse it in a tub of warm water.

3. Do not wring or twist it

Twisting and squeezing wool can damage its tiny fibers and ruin the shape of your favorite hats. Instead, gently press the water on the cap and let it dry flat on a clean towel.

4. Do not use chlorine bleach.

Even if you have a white hat on hand, don't use bleach on wool fibers. According to research, its sodium hypochlorite compound can eat away at fine wool fibers and, unfortunately, cause yellowing and irreversible discoloration.

Knitted Cap

How do I hand wash my wool hat?

Without a doubt, hand washing is the quickest and best way to clean your hat and preserve its shape and color over time.

Materials needed: sink or bathtub, fine wool detergent, cold water.

1. Fill with cold water

First, fill the bathtub with cold water to submerge your hat and add a teaspoon of wool detergent to the tub. Swish the water in the bathtub.

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2. Immerse in water

Submerge your hat in the tub and soak it for a while. The mild detergent will activate into the fibers to remove odors and body oils. Do not soak for more than 20 minutes.

3. Rinse

Rinse the cap under running water and then use your hands to remove any soap residue stuck to the corners of the cap.

4. Flat dry your cap

Lay the cap flat and gently squeeze the water out of the cap. Remember, do not wring it out or twist it. After draining most of the water, dry it flat with a clean towel in the absence of sunlight, then turn it over on both sides.

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