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Nov. 28, 2023




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And best of all, the options are nearly endless. Are you going with white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold? A chunky rope chain or a more streamlined cable chain? A trendy choker or a classic collar? (And that's not even getting into karat count.) To help you find the necklace of your dreams, we went deep on the best gold chains for men, unearthing a treasure trove of choices from bestsellers and new arrivals alike—including a bunch that won't permanently curb-stomp your credit card.

The Slickest Gold Chains Under $100

Surprise, surprise—you don’t actually have to spend a million bucks to look the part. In fact, the market for affordable gold jewelry has gotten bigger and (much) better over the years. The swervy box and Cuban link chains ringing in for less than a Benjamin look way more expensive than they are and won’t turn you green—but they will save you a lot of it.


Round Box Chain



Made from gold-bonded steel that won't tarnish, this classic box chain is proof you don't need to spend a fortune for a piece you can wear day in/day out.


Paperclip Chain Necklace



Leave it to the Italians to turn a basic office supply into an incredibly cool gold chain necklace.


Herringbone Chain Necklace



When the budget doesn't allow for authentic vintage this will do— really well.

Justine Clenquet

Vesper Necklace



This chain takes the guesswork out of how to properly mix your metals.

The Slickest Gold Chains Under $250

A lot of men’s gold chains on the market can lack that extra pizzaz. If you’ve got an extra Benjamin to spare then you might want to treat yourself to a solid rope chain with a little more fixings—cross pendants, snakes, abstract shapes—the options are endless. The idea is to enhance, not distract, from the real star: silky smooth gold.


"Julian" Chain Necklace



Hate when your chain gets caught in your sweater? Opt for a slighter longer necklace like this one.


Ball Chain Necklace




No doubt this is a much nicer version of the toy jewelry you used to save your quarters for.


The Rising Power Necklace



Can't look away? Neither can we.

Alice Made This

Rae Sterling Silver and Gold-Plated Pendant Necklace


Mr Porter

Not all opposites attract but this necklace is proof that's not the case with silver and gold.

The Slickest Gold Chains Under $500

Every now and then, your wishlist becomes your main cart and you’re speedily clicking your way to checkout. Accessibility isn’t the focus of this price range, it’s the diversity of options. Instead of simply looking for a gold rope chain, you’re faced with deciding between a franco chain, figaro chain, or a, brace yourself, mariner chain. It’s the type of distinctions that make jewelers tear up, and one you’ll be more than eager to entertain, wallet in hand.

Hatton Labs

Gold Diamond Cut Belcher Chain Necklace



This twists take this simple chain from fashionable to fashionably funky.

Collina Strada

Crushed Chain Necklace



Perfectly imperfect.


"Nils" Necklace


Mr Porter

Chunky gold baubles to add some weight to your fits.

Tom Wood

Gold-Plated Pendant Necklace


Mr Porter

Got a little extra cash to blow? We predict you'll be wearing this tarot-inspired piece for many years to come.

The Slickest Gold Chains When Budget Isn't a Concern

When it’s time to pull out all the stops, budget gives way to making the best impression for a significant other—or yourself. There’s no shortage of fine jewelry dripping in nothing but gold, but this is an opportunity to let some stones shine. You can go the classic route with a diamond necklace, opt for pearls, or really switch it up with sizzling sapphire and peridot.

Bleue Burnham

Chloroplast Sapphire & 9kt Gold Necklace



Can't decide on your stones? Wear 'em all.


Peridot & Recycled 18kt Gold Necklace



This necklace may/may not have mystical healing powers but will make your fits look extra "healthy."


Lover's Chain



Whether you're gifing to your ride or die or to yourself, this chain is sure to make the receiver feel the love.

Mateo New York

14kt Gold Baroque Pearl Necklace



Mother of pearl!

Plus 8 More Primo Gold Chains We Love



There are many gold and silver chain styles available, each serving different purposes and offering different effects to the wearer. Below we list the more popular chain styles available to purchase from Chains of Gold. Although our shop is UK based, we offer FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY on all purchases.

Shop for a Anchor / Mariner or Rambo Gold Chain

Similar to the Figaro chain (discussed below), except the Anchor chain alternates a single, small, round link with a larger oval link. These links resemble the chain attached to an anchor on a boat, hence the name. Available in a range of widths and popular with men in particular.

Shop for a Belcher or Rolo Gold Chain

Comprising of oval interlocking links with alternate links turned 180°. This chain comes in a range of widths; smaller chains being more popular with females and larger, chunkier chains with males.

Shop for a Box Gold Chain

Box chains have square links rather than round links, giving the chain a ‘boxy’ appearance. Thinner versions of box chains are popular for women’s jewellery and often paired up with pendants. Thicker chains look great work by men or by women as statement pieces.

Shop for a Curb Gold Chain

Curb chains are a very popular choice, particularly with men as they are available with heavy, large links. The curb is a simple and classic design of flat, interlocking, identical links. Historically, the links were large as they were made with very little machinery and hence were very time consuming. Nowadays however, with the advent of modern machinery, smaller and more feminine curb chains are available. Smaller curb chains work well with pendants and diamond cut or twisted curb chains tend to reflect the most light.

Shop for a Figaro Gold Chain

The Figaro chain has flattened links which vary in size. It usually has 2 or 3 shorter links alternating with a longer link. Figaro is a style that originated in Italy and is popular with both men and women.

Shop for a Rope Gold Chain

Rope chains are chains where small links are manipulated to avoid calling attention to their appearance; instead, they are linked in a twisted pattern to resemble a genuine rope. Rope chains come in both delicate versions where they are a popular choice for pendant necklaces, and heavier versions where the chain itself is the main attraction.

Shop for a Singapore Gold Chain

At Chains of Gold, we refer to the Singapore chain as a ‘twist curb’ chain. The Singapore is made of twisted and braided fibers. Known for its strength, integrity, classic pattern and simplicity, this is a popular choice with those looking for a pendant chain.

Shop for a Snake Gold Chain

Rather than visible links, snake chains are made up of rings which fit together closely, making a chain with an appearance of a flexible tube and the texture of snakeskin. Snake chains are usually narrow and delicate. Again, a great choice for a pendant.

Shop for a Spiga / Wheat Gold Chain

Spiga or Wheat chains are normally created with four strands of twisted oval links. The links are braided and woven together to make a lovely looking chain that is quite eye-catching!

Shop for a Bead or Ball Gold Chain

The ball chain has round beads fixed along a chain, either with some distance between each bead or, more popularly, strung close together with a small space in-between (as pictured). Popular for use with pendants, particular dog tag pendants.

Shop for a Gucci Gold Chain

Very similar to the anchor chain but the links are round as opposed to square. A wider gucci chain can make a great statement piece of jewellery. Smaller gucci chains are very pretty and a popular choice with pendants.

23 Best Gold Chains for Men 2023 - GQ

Rope, Figaro or Curb? Understanding Chain Types


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