40 Best Women's Watches From Affordable to Luxury

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Nov. 28, 2023




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We at Wrist Enthusiast have developed and cultivated a lot of buying and “best of” guides in the Men’s watch space. It’s a labor of love, but we’ve found our readers appreciate the insight, even if they’re just browsing how expensive some of the cool watches they’ve seen are. One of the most requested guides we’ve been asked for is a Women’s Watch guide.

Now, we will preface this list with the thought that we at Wrist Enthusiast have mostly come to the conclusion that people should simply wear what they like, whether it’s traditionally Men’s or Women’s watch. We’ve seen a lot of Women sporting full-sized Men’s watches lately, and we are here for it, as well as men wearing smaller “Ladies” watches (we even included the Breitling Chronomat 36, technically a women’s watch, on our list of Best Watches for Small Wrists). We’d like to move away from anything being unanimously Men’s or Women’s watches, but for those who would rather stick to the more feminine side of Watch Enthusiasm, we’ve put together a list of our favorite “Ladies” models. So lets get to it.

Chopard Happy Sport

Chopard as a brand is well-known for producing high-end jewelry. But the brand also has a deep history in watches. We at Wrist Enthusiast are big fans of the racing-inspired Mille Miglia and the more recent Alpine Eagle (which is one of our favorite steel sport watches).

Chopard did a great job blending their jewelry and watchmaking prowess with the iconic Happy Sport. The Chopard Happy Sport is immediately recognizable by the floating diamonds in the dial. The diamonds move around without disturbing any of the functionings of the watch. This adds a touch of unique class and elegance in what is unmistakably a women’s watch. The Happy Sport is available in 30mm or 33mm case sizes at $13,800 USD and $15,300 USD for the steel variation with diamond bezel pictured.

The price of a watch varies vastly and depends on whether you’re looking for a seasonal addition to your 2022 wardrobe or a lifelong timepiece. While fashion watches come with "lower" prices — an Hermès watch can sell for $1,000 to $3,000 — they are harder and less lucrative to sell in the long run. A Rolex in the secondhand market currently sells for as low as $1,600 but can go up to $144,000, depending on the model and material, according to the watch search engine WatchCharts . But while the cost may be higher for the top-tier watch brands, they normally sell for twice their original value in the secondhand market, according to Layne. If an investment piece is what a buyer is after, she says that looking for discontinued models, especially for brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Philippe Patek, and Richard Mille, is a wise long-term goal because of the higher demand for them.

40 Best Women's Watches From Affordable to Luxury

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