How to Tell If Your Designer Sunglasses Are Real

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Apr. 04, 2023




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Designer sunglasses can set you back anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. The eyewear market is a big business, so it's no surprise that cheap sunglasses replicas are flooding the market. Replicas are becoming more sophisticated. If you're in the market for a real designer model, how can you tell if your sunglasses are fake? Here are some simple ways to tell the difference between real and fake designer sunglasses.


1) Box

Look for the designer logo or name on the retail box. You will also usually find the manufacturer's information and barcode (or serial number). Double check the details in the included manual and on the sunglass frames. The model number, color, lens and frame size measurements, and country of manufacture should be indicated on the arms of the sunglasses.


2) Lenses

Designer tinted lenses should be of exceptional quality. Know what you're buying. For example, the classic Ray-Bans design is made of glass. If you are in the market for Ray-Bans, you can tap the lenses carefully to see if they are made of glass. 

How to Tell If Your Designer Sunglasses Are Real

3) Attention to detail 

If you are spending more money on designer sunglasses, then you definitely want to make sure you know how to tell if the sunglasses are fake. Everything from the material to the finish and weight should say quality. If you have the opportunity to look and try before you buy, do your homework and trust your instincts as to whether your potential purchase is the real deal. If something is cheaply made, you can usually tell.


4) Frames

Another good way to tell if sunglasses are fake is to examine the frames and check the weight. Fake glasses feel lighter than real glasses. On the other hand, fake stainless steel versions feel heavier than the real ones. Authentic frames made from quality materials should feel balanced and comfortable when worn. They should not have any scratches or blemishes.

How to Tell If Your Designer Sunglasses Are Real

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5) Branding 

Most quality brands will usually have the company name or brand initials engraved on the lenses. Try scratching these off with your fingernail. If it comes off easily, it's a fake. It has no logo at all, it is also fake. Beware of brand stickers, labels or even logos drawn with a brush.


6) Hinges 

Real designer sunglasses should open and close effortlessly. In other words, not too tight or flimsy. The hinges should be sturdy and have high quality molding. As an example, fake Louis Vuitton sunglasses are produced with high quality single set screws. Due to poor production, the hinges do not feel right when opening or closing.

How to Tell If Your Designer Sunglasses Are Real


7) Pricing

The price tag on sunglasses used to be a very effective way to distinguish between genuine and fake versions. Indeed, knock-offs can be heavily discounted or sold at very low prices. But today, counterfeit sunglasses look so authentic that they can even sell for more than expected. So don't make any decisions based solely on the asking price.

These 7 steps are a general guide to help you identify real and fake sunglasses. But when in doubt, buy directly from a reputable or legitimate dealer. Jingwei specializes in produce OEM Glasses / Eyeglasses, has our own eyeglasses frame factory that have worked with many clients on OEM eyeglasses and eyewear. We take designs cues from many brands to produce our own OEM eyeglasses styles. Please contact us  for your OEM eyeglasses needs.

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